Assault Heroes

23/01/2010 11:50



Nome: Assault Heroes
Fabricante: Wanako Games
Estilo: Ação
Sistema Operacional: Windows Xp / Vista
Ano de Lançamento: 2007


As the only surviving members of an elite Special Forces unit, it is up to you to find the secret underground lab. Go the mission alone or fight side-by-side with a friend in the two-player cooperative mode. Navigate your heavily armed 4×4, speed boat or travel on foot and blast your way through enemy-infested territory. Prepare to be assaulted by waves of formidable enemies with unrelenting attacks. Action top-down shooter that provides the furious gameplay of the classic action arcade genre while showcasing destructible terrain and advanced physics engine with rag-doll effects for added realism. Features a full 3D engine to provide a rich graphical experience. The cut-scenes and plot points can be shown from close camera points for an up-close look. Attack 39 unique enemies ranging from foot soldiers to armed choppers with specialized combat abilities. Engage in unique cooperative gameplay when both players are carrying the same weapons. [Sierra Online]